Surmanti Gold Diffusers

Surmanti Gold Diffusers

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Some elegant diffusers from Surmanti with their gorgeous sense smells. Not only does it look great in your home but will make a perfect gift.

Two types now available:

Peonies Peppers & Tuberose - Vibrant woodsy and green, with citrusy spicy mid-notes, in a soft warm base of Black Truffle, Fig and Coconut, Top notes, Ambered Sandalwood and Ebony, mid notes of Bergamot Lime, Geranium and Pimento, balanced in a soft warm base of black truffle burnt fig and coconut.

Sandalwood Bergamot & Truffle - a spicy intoxicating floral, that embodies femininity. Generous Peony top notes, coupled with tube rose and spicy Green Peppercorns underpinned with woodsy citrusy notes of Rosewood and Ruby Red Grapefruit.