La Pavoni Professional Lusso

La Pavoni Professional Lusso

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Professional: a combination of style, quality and reliability. The machine is largely constructed of cast brass and is built to last. La Pavoni machines are a quality product with the company having been trading for 104 years. They have been importing them for 15 years, so there is plenty of back up service. The machines have a one year warranty.The large boiler ensures that lime scale deposits have minimal effect, meaning minimum maintenance is needed.

The user can vary the speed the water travels through the filters.

The machine is fitted with a steam jet interchangeable with the Automatic Cappuccino maker, for the preparation of cappuccino and hot drinks in general, and is equipped with a manometer to check the boiler pressure. The "Cappuccino Automatic" attachment ensures a perfect cappuccino every time.

This device on the opening of a valve automatically sucks the milk from its container and brews it warm and perfectly frothed into the cup.