Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions that you have about our gift registry service should be answered below. However, if you have a question that is not answered here, you can email or freephone us on 0508 734 478 (0508 REGISTRY).

Before You Start

Q. Doesn't creating a registry take the spontaneity out of gift giving?

A. There is some truth to this, however at least you know that you are getting the Individual / Couple what they really want. Until now in New Zealand, wedding registries have mostly been homewares stores, Tying the Knot expands on this to offer a huge range of exciting and inspirational gifts. Wedding gift giving has also become much harder in recent years as couples are getting married older, in most cases have already lived together and generally already have the homeware basics. 

Q. Why would I choose Tying the Knot over an 'in-store' registry? 

A. There are several reasons for this: 

- At Tying the Knot, we offer a personally selected gift range for couples that already have all the necessities, like toasters and wine glasses. From homeware to adventure travel. From commissioned artwork to iPods, our gift ideas are inspirational, creative and anything but ordinary. 

- We still cover all the basics, plus, there are some great gift ideas tailored more to the groom as well, including personal registry choices! 

- Tying the Knot puts you in control, with four easy steps, setting up a registry is simple and intuitive. 

- See which gifts have been purchased via email updates.

- We're always open, so accessibility for the guest is easy and straight-forward. There's no time wasted searching for gifts in shopping malls, plus if guests want to team up to purchase a really special gift, they can use our 'part purchase' option. 

- Tying the Knot also offers personalised wedding cards and luxurious wrapping to make the gift look truly exceptional. Or your guests can choose a simple white gift wrapping free of charge.

Q. How long before the event date should I set up my gift registry?

A. We suggest you set up your register to coincide with when you send your invitations (for weddings). A reasonable lead time is advisable. However, to ensure that your register contains mostly items that are currently available to your guests we suggest you not set up your register too early. Gifts on our registry do change on a frequent basis. 

Q. How much does it cost to set up a registry?

A. It is completely free. 

Q. If I live outside New Zealand, can I set up a registry?

A. Yes you can, however, you will need to have the gifts delivered to an address within New Zealand. 

Q. How will my guests know about my registry?

A. We will provide you with special Tying the Knot invite cards in either printed or electronic format for you to send to your guests. We recommend you send these out with your invitations. There's also a link to link to social media (facebook, twitter etc) with quick access.

Q. How will my guests access my registry?

A. By entering the registry holder's details onto the homepage, they will be able to open and view your registry. 

Q. What about guests who have no Internet access? 

A. There are two options here. These guests can log in to your registry via a friend of family members computer or you can easily print your registry and give copies to these guests. They can then call us and place an order over the phone. 

Q. Are products always available on the registry?

A. We keep in close contact with our suppliers in order to be notified and keep our website updated as soon as an item may become temporarily unavailable. If a product is purchased by your guest but is not available, you can choose to wait until the product comes back into stock or you can opt for a credit to be put towards another product from the website. If this situation occurs then we will contact you immediately. Some items may take a longer time to source from our suppliers, but we will advise if these cannot reach you on time.

Setting Up and Changing Your Registry

Q. How do I set up a registry?

A. By clicking on the 'Create Registry' button on the homepage and following the easy steps. 

Q. How do I select the right gifts?

A. Simply browse all the gifts, conveniently listed by category. When you have found gifts that you would like to add to your registry, click on the 'Add Gift' button. There are also some featured products on our home page.

Q. How many items should I put on my list? 

A. This is entirely up to you, however, you should provide your guests with a good range of gift options by both price and category so that they have lots to choose from. 

Q. How will I know which gifts are available for the part-purchase option?

A. You'll find that most of our more expensive gifts have the part-purchase feature. The gifts are divided into units, and your guests can buy as many units as they like, or they can purchase the entire gift. 

Q: Can I make changes to my personalised gift registry?

A: Yes, by accessing the 'Manage Your Registry' section of the website, you can add or delete items from your gift registry if they have not been previously purchased. You can also change your contact and wedding details and even upload a picture. 

Q: What if there is a gift that I would like but its not available on the registry?

Please contact us to let us know about a gift that you would like to see on the registry and we will add it for you.

Receiving Your Gifts

Q. When will I receive my gifts?

A. You will be asked to provide a delivery date when you set up your gift registry. You can choose to have gifts delivered just before or after your wedding. All gifts will be delivered together with individual cards so you will know who each is from as well as a gift summary. If there is an unforeseen delay on a gift, or if a guest has purchased within two weeks from the date of the wedding then we will contact you regarding this and keep you updated on delivered times. Because we custom-order your gifts especially for you, it takes up to 4-6 weeks for us to receive everything from our various suppliers. Imported and hand made items may take longer. Gifts can only be couriered on weekdays. 

Q. Can you deliver my gifts on a Saturday?

Unfortunately we do not deliver gifts on a Saturday. For registries, we cover the cost of delivery and items are usually shipped overnight to be delivered there on the day that you requested. We use CourierPost and Fastway as our courier companies and cannot be held liable for shipment that arrive late due to the courier company delays. We do advise a delivery date after the wedding to ensure that most of your gifts arrive at once. We are happy to organise a Saturday delivery at the Couple's cost. 

Q. How do I return a faulty gift or one that has been damaged in transit?

A. Please refer to our Returns Policy in our Terms and Conditions section.

Q. What happens for the part-purchase gifts if the entire gift is not purchased?

A. We will deliver to you Tying the Knot gift vouchers for the value that has been purchased and notify you of what the gift was. You can then make the choice to purchase the gift yourself by redeeming the vouchers and paying the balance or you may redeem the vouchers for a gift of the same value. We will be happy to assist you should this situation arise. 

Q. How will I know who has contributed to part-purchase gifts?

A. You will receive individualised cards from each guest who has contributed to a gift and the percentage of contribution. 

Q. What if the wedding or event is cancelled?

A. Traditionally, if this happens, you would be expected to return your gifts to the respective guests. No refunds to guests will be given by Tying the Knot. 

Guest Information

Q. How do I find Registry details?

A. From the home page click on "The Registry" and select "Find a registry" from here.

Q. How do I purchase from a registry?

A. Browse through the Wedding Couple's registry. Products will be conveniently located under categories.

Q. How do I find the perfect gift for the Registry user?

A. You can browse all chosen gifts by simply entering the last name on the homepage or use the 'Gift Matcher' quiz to help you define the right gift. 

Q. How will I know if a gift has already been purchased from the registry?

A. Because it will have a strike-through and the words 'Already Purchased' next to the gift. 

Q. The Individuals / Couple know how much I spent, this feels uncomfortable.

A. The individual / couple are generally so excited about getting something they will use and really like, that they don't even think about how much you might have spent. 

Q. What about cards to go with the gift?

A. We provide you several options at the checkout stage including a complimentary card and cards available for you to purchase. You can provide a message that will be hand-written. We also offer the option of posting us your own card. 

Q. What about wrapping for the gift?

A. We provide you with several options at the checkout stage, including complimentary white gift wrapping and ribbon and alternative luxurious wrapping options to ensure your gift looks extra special. 

Q. When will the registry close off prior to the wedding?

A. Your registry will close off after the wedding, which will allow your guests to also makes purchases after the wedding date if necessary. 

Q. What forms of payment are accepted for online purchases?

A. Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for payment. 

Q. Will you charge me for delivery of a gift to the Wedding Couple?

A. For purchases we charge a admin charge of $7.00 to cover delivery costs, admin and staffing. 

Q. Is my credit card information secure when I purchase a gift from the registry?

A. Yes. Our server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) channel encryption to protect your credit card information. All credit card payments are handled in real-time by Direct Payment Solutions. Secure web pages are identified by 'https' in the URL address. 

Q. Do you store my credit card information? 

A. No. We do not store any credit card information. 

Q. What currency are the gift prices quoted in? 

A. Prices are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST. 

Q. I am a wedding guest who lives outside New Zealand. Can I purchase from the gift registry?

A. Yes, we encourage this as being a feature of our service. 

Q. Will I receive confirmation of my purchase?

A. Yes, a confirmation email will be sent immediately on placement of your order. If however you do not receive one please get in touch with us and we can forward a confirmation through. 

Q. I have not yet received a confirmation email. What do I do?

A. Please get in touch with us via phone or email - a lot of email addresses these days do have spam filters, in particular hotmail and xtra email accounts and Tying the Knot gets blocked / held up in spam emails frequently. We are happy to send you a confirmation through. 

If you have a question that is not answered here, you can email or freephone us on 0508 734 478.