About our Registry - Guests

Welcome to Tying the Knot wedding gift & special occasion registry

You are here because a couple/someone you know have selected a fabulous range of gifts as a guide for you as to their tastes and preferences.

Finding a great wedding or occasional gift is becoming increasingly harder as couples tend to get married later in life and often have lived together beforehand, therefore already possessing traditional items often given at weddings. At Tying the Knot, we strive to offer gifts that are a bit different for our discerning individuals and couples.

Accessing a Gift Registry

To access the individual's or couple's registry, please enter either of their surnames in the 'View a Registry' box on the homepage. You will then be asked if you would like to view their entire registry which is broken into categories or use the Gift Matcher to narrow your search. Some gifts will have part payment options, allowing you the freedom to contribute towards a more expensive gift. For some gifts, the bride and groom may have attached a personal note or given a gift a preference ranking. At the checkout stage, you will be offered gorgeous wrapping and message card options to accompany your gift. Gifts purchased from the registry will all be delivered to the bride and groom on a date they select either prior or just after the wedding.

Please feel free to offer any feedback about your experience at Tying the Knot. If you have any questions please view our FAQ section or contact us direcly. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us at Tying the Knot.