Ascaso i-mini i2 Coffee Grinder - Black

Ascaso i-mini i2 Coffee Grinder - Black

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Meet your home espresso machine's new best friend - the Ascaso ABSDB I-Mini Burr espresso coffee grinder! If you're a true coffee lover you know that fantastic espresso starts with fresh coffee beans. The fitted lid for the coffee hopper lets you store beans for the next time you grind. Use the I-Mini to grind cup by cup of fresh espresso each day.The Ascaso ABSDB I-Mini Burr espresso coffee grinder is made of shock-resistance durable ABS plastic. The sturdy construction makes it great for surviving long travel trips and is built to last!

Unique to small coffee grinders, the Ascaso I-Mini has a bean hopper built of shatter-resistant plastic on the top of the unit. Store up to the 250 grams of whole coffee beans so you don't have to continually pour coffee beans while you grind.

coffee chute funnels the freshly ground coffee directly from the grinding chamber into your coffee maker's filter! The spout eliminate mess, is easy to clean, and makes a great space-saving attribute versus doser grinders!

To conveniently have fresh ground coffee delivered to your espresso machine's portafilter just place the filter on the support fork. The portafilter presses the spring-loaded grind button behind the filter port so that coffee transfer is clean and accurate.